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Speaking Engagements

Whether you are looking for a private in-clinic presentation or workshops for your team or you are a conference organizer you have come to the right place.  Strive has a large range of presentations for you to choose from.

Looking for a different topic?  Contact us to discuss your needs, Strive can likely help!

Most Popular Topics Include:

The Art of Hiring Right the Right Employees

Are you using appropriate recruiting tactics? Do you know how to attract and select the right candidates? Or do you find yourself and your business suffering from hiring mistakes?

  • Hiring great employees isn’t simply a matter of placing an ad in the job bank.  Finding the right employee requires a well-thought out recruiting strategy.

Charge What You’re Worth

Understanding fees and discussing them effectively with clients is critical in client compliance, patient care, and your clinic’s financial success.  Fee related discussions take place in your clinic every day-they don’t have to stressful.

This in-house interactive workshop is designed to get everyone on your team on the same page when it comes to your fees and having the confidence necessary to thrive.

Topics Covered:

Fee Setting

  • Understanding the logic behind a suggested fee guide and how to use it effectively
  • Setting your fees for success based on your clinic’s values and goals


  • The effect of discounting on your practice

Overcoming Barriers

  • Addressing what holds you back from succeeding

Being Worth every penny

  • Impacting a client’s perception of value
  • How to have difficult conversation about money

 Creating the Culture of Choice


Poor communication, low level of trust, gossip, lack of accountability, minimum/inconsistent performance, are examples of workplace toxins that lower morale and impair a clinics opportunity to thrive.

People want to do their best, they just do not know how in challenging situations and circumstances.

No matter what your current skill set is, learn how to:

  • Identify and resolve issues before it harms relationships
  • Hold people accountable for their contributions to the work environment and outcomes
  • Problem solve in a positive and productive manner
  • Consistently bring your best-selves to work
  • Set clear expectations of workplace conduct

Much like the standard of medicine you set within your hospital the workplace culture standards can be defined and supported by everyone within the practice.

True Colors –Using True Colors personality assessments within the team and to enhance client service

Determine your True Colors personality spectrum and those of your team members.  This helps breed a culture of compassion and understanding while gaining a new appreciation for how to leverage each other’s strengths.  Apply True Colors to your clients and reap the rewards of elevating compliance to whole new level and profoundly enhance client service in a way that honors their individual preferences and needs.

Compliance of Champions 

Learn how to overcome the day-to-day compliance challenges that you face.  Topics include making an effective recommendation, how to present treatment plans, how to create a compliance initiative that the whole team can get behind and more…

Dental Success: Getting Early Stage Cleanings Booked

Create success beyond your highest expectations.  This presentation is specifically designed to help you attain profound improvements in compliance with Stage 1 and 2 dental procedures.

Budgeting: A practical approach

Finally, take finances into your control; Invest in your staff, facility, and equipment, without compromising profit. 

This comprehensive workshop is designed to provide you with everything you need to develop a personalized and comprehensive budget for your hospital.   This seminar is presented in a step-by-step, interactive format that is painless and easy to follow, some have even called it FUN to learn!



Looking for a different topic?  Contact us to discuss your needs, Strive can likely meet them!