Packages and Options

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Overview of Packages and Options

Comprehensive Support Packages

(Most popular choice)

Choosing a comprehensive support package allows you to buy a package of services and receive maximum value.  When you purchase a Strive package, you get piece of mind that your practice is going to move forward in the most cost-effective way.

  • Full day clinic visits

  • Team training and support

  • Presentations/workshops

  • Management meeting and feedback

  • Support material

  • Miscellaneous templates, scripting, etc.

  • E-mail communications

Basic Off-Site Support Packages

Ensures you will stay on track and get regular support you need to keep on track to reach your goals.

  • Planned monthly meetings via telephone, conference call or skype.

One-time Clinic Services

A comprehensive review and feedback on:

  • Perception of value assessment

    • Practice image
    • Client service delivery

  • Efficiency improvements opportunities

Hourly Support

We are here for you on an as-need basis you can contact us for advice or insight on any issue you choose.

When working hourly, you are billed based solely on time.  When you purchase a package of work, the package is created for you based on your clinic’s needs, budget and estimated work typically over the following 12 months.  If you have purchased a package, and require unexpected additional off-site support up to 6 hours will be complimentary per package.  This promotes you and your staff reaching out for help when you need it most – right away!  As opposed to holding off as much as possible in an effort to minimize costs.

Strive’s Fees

Concerned that you may not be able to afford a professional consultant?  Good news, consulting is likely considerably less money than you think.  While consulting is much like veterinary medicine…you get what you pay for.   Often the feedback from practice owners that they were expecting it to cost much more than it does.

Be sure to consider that part of Strive’s role is to make sure it is an investment for you and your clinic.  Although the return on investment varies for every hospital, often profit levels rise in less than six months of the onset of our work together.

Payment plans are available for Strive service packages.

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