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“Because you don’t know how to fix something does not mean it cannot be fixed.”

“Working with people to help them critically look at the challenges they face and helping them overcome/ manage their barriers allowing goals to be realized and successes to be felt by everyone on the team is my biggest reward as a consultant.”

“It is my goal to be an investment with a high return for every one of my clients.”

What clients and attendees are saying about Kathy Stinson and her speaking and training services:

“a breath of fresh air”
“engaging and interactive”
“frank and honest”
“attainable solutions”

Wow, what a superb presentation! The team has NEVER had such a favourable response to a presenter. Many, many positive comments all afternoon and evening. Your dynamic speaking style kept our team fully engaged throughout the presentation. Your “from the front lines” stories and examples were especially helpful in illustrating your important veterinary business teachings. Thanks for getting us fired up with lots of great ideas!
Marc Glavin, Carp Road Animal Hospital
Kathy is an engaging and interactive speaker who gives excellent, attainable solutions to practices while motivating and empowering lecture attendees.
Masako Evans, Virbac Animal Health
Just wanted to extend a very sincere thank you for an excellent day yesterday. We all came away big fans, and honestly, you are a breath of fresh air. It is so wonderful to hear someone speaking so frankly and honestly about challenges we all face every day. You are inspirational and clearly are destined for greatness in our world.
Dr. Kathy Hrinivich, Hospital of Cambridge
I learned a tremendous amount and you have left me feeling empowered to take better control of my fees and thus my income! I admire tremendously your choice of speech in the examples of scripts that you used.
Dr. Julie Amey, Bridge West Animal Hospital

Kathy’s Story

Kathy is frequently asked how she has gone from RVT to manager to consultant/speaker, and why she chose the subject areas she did. Here’s the story in Kathy’s own words:

“During my 11 years as a technician, I completed a huge number of hours of continuing education, but it was always about medicine, patient care, and client service—NEVER anything about the business, management, leadership, or communication. I was unaware of how I was limiting my growth as a technician, employee, team member, and person. During that time, I hit the glass ceiling and burned out twice.

“In 2004, the boss promoted me to Hospital Administrator—in a practice that had never had a manager before. It was a steep learning curve, but I loved the challenge. My amazing employer, Dr. Beverly Baxter, was incredibly trusting, supportive, and willing to invest in us as a leadership team and in me as a new manager.

“I took my management career just as seriously as I took my career as a technician and invested a great deal of time and the owner’s money in learning everything I could about all things management. Dr. Baxter hired a leadership coach, learned leadership skills alongside me, and allowed me to attend as many seminars, webinars, conferences as I wanted to. This time, I chose all of those topics I had avoided before: business, leadership, and communication. The clinic became a top performer within two years of my becoming manager.

“While working at the clinic, Darren Osborne, the Director of Economic Research of the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association asked me to develop and instruct the OVMA Practice Budget Workshops. My speaking career had started. Attendees started to ask me for help, and that’s when my consulting career began

“As a result of my professional experiences, I realized that there is a real need for my kind of approach to leadership development and management consulting—a nurturing, supportive, educational, long-term partnership. I formed Strive Veterinary Consulting to meet that need in 2008 and left the clinic I was managing in 2009.

“In 2010, I worked with Shawn McVey of McVey Management Solutions to develop the leadership education program that he currently offers in the U.S.”

“A couple of great opportunities to do something new presented themselves in 201. One with a veterinary buying group; my role was to grow membership in Ontario, and I was very successful at it. Another around that same time, as a seminar provider for Pfizer Animal Health. But before long as Strive and the buying group both grew, I had too much to do and still do it all well.”

“Have you seen a pattern yet? I’m a bit of an overachiever. So in 2013, I started Veterinary Dental Solutions, a company that teaches clinics how to grow and enhance clients’ early stage dental compliance. In partnership with a boarded veterinary dentist, we presented a 2-day program called ‘Dental Success’ across the country. We also went onsite to teach teams how to be more efficient and effective in dentistry.”

“At this time, I plan to focus on Strive Veterinary Consulting and Strive Veterinary Management School. My work with clients is highly rewarding for me personally and professionally. It is my goal to provide a high return on the investment that every one of my clients makes in me.”

Kathy Stinson

As the founder of Strive Veterinary Consulting Ltd., Kathy speaks and consults on management and leadership issues to Canadian audiences from coast to coast. Kathy’s clients come from almost every province, and represent small, one-veterinarian clinics to large emergency and specialty practices. What do they all have in common? They want a partner who will teach them how to take their leadership skills and their businesses to the next level.

Her 21 years of well-rounded perspective in veterinary medicine gives Kathy keen insight into management issues, which she brings to her lectures, workshops, and private consultations. She speaks approximately 75 times per year, and works with more than 30 consulting clients on average per year. Though her clients are mainly veterinary practice teams, she enjoys working with other professionals as well, such as financial planners and owners of wellness centers and fitness studios.

Kathy entered the profession as a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) after she graduated from Seneca College in King City, Ontario in 1994. Her leadership skills, attention to detail, and problem-solving ability led to her promotion to Hospital Administrator in 2004.

From day one, she partnered with a leadership coach. The experience was integral to her development and played a huge role in shaping her future as a business manager, leader, consultant, and speaker. The practice became a top performer during her tenure as manager.

While working as a hospital administrator, the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) invited Kathy to develop and instruct their Budgeting Workshops. She has taught more than 10 of those workshops and helped hundreds of practice owners and managers develop active, personalized budgets for their businesses.

Kathy also lectures on topics such as setting fees, budgeting, creating positive work culture, and developing mission and vision statements. She gives workshops on leadership, HR, operations, and finance through Strive Veterinary Management School. Kathy has lectured at the smallest private clinics and the largest Canadian veterinary conference, the OVMA Conference & Trade Show. She has also shared her expertise by publishing articles on hospital management and leadership in the OVMA’s FOCUS magazine.

Kathy lives in Sudbury, Ontario with her husband Darren (a veterinarian and practice owner); their two fabulous teenage children, Sydnie and Carter; and many furry family members. Kathy enjoys traveling with her family, running, and being a mom. She also owns a vacation-cottage rental company, with a lovely little cottage in Upper Cape, New Brunswick.